The BOTTLE SHIP Control Room is the main room of the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The Control Room is a large chamber, and serves as the base of operations on the BOTTLE SHIP. On the lower floor is a set of desks with multiple screens displaying unknown schematics, and a larger set of five screens that are not displaying anything. More computers can be seen in the background, but are not reachable behind two crowd barricades. The floor features a round pattern with a slightly raised platform toward the entrance door.

The control area itself, with computers displaying live camera feeds, is located in an upper room that is inaccessible until the very end of the game. It resembles an office area with several desks and chairs, and screen displays mounted on the ceiling. A side-table or retractable shelf is present on the desk that Adam Malkovich uses, and is where he leaves his helmet. During the countdown sequence, the screens in the Control Room display the repeatedly flashing word "WARNING" against a red background.


As Samus Aran approaches this room from the hall before it, she automatically stops and slowly enters. She finds that the 07th Platoon has already reached the room and is standing over a Lab Worker's body. A eyeball is shown to be observing them from above. A Brug suddenly crawls out from under the body. Lyle, one of the soldiers, panics and aggressively shoots it until being stopped by James.

James: He's dead. Someone—or something—attacked him... [bug emerges]

Lyle: Get away from me! [he shoots it excessively]

James: Lyle! Enough!

Samus, noting the state of the BOTTLE SHIP, decides that she must cooperate with the 07th Platoon and begins to appeal to Adam Malkovich, the platoon leader and her former CO, to let her stay.

Samus (monologue): It was obvious that there was some pervasive danger throughout the facility. I didn't know what had brought Adam here, but I did know that cooperation was imperative if we were to restore safety.

Samus: Adam, listen to me. Clearly, this facility is in complete disorder. It might be too dangerous for your men to go alone. That's why I've—

At this point, the troopers and Samus notice multiple Brugs crawling down the wall. They suddenly coalesce into a Brug Mass, giving way to a battle. Samus works with the soldiers to fight the monster, with Adam authorizing her to use her Missiles, and the soldiers to use their Freeze Guns.

K.G.: Look at that! They're everywhere!

Lyle: They're coming out of the walls!

James: Lyle, stay calm!

Anthony: Look out! Everyone back!

Adam: Open fire!

James, randomly: Bring it on!

Anthony: [after Samus dodges one of the creature's tentacles] This ain't good! Nothing's working!

Adam: Listen up! Freeze guns authorized!

Adam: And Samus, I'm authorizing missile use.

Adam: Concentrate fire in a single location and freeze that thing! And, Samus, you attack the frozen spot!

Adam: [when the Brug Mass is frozen] Now! Use your missiles!

Adam: [first arm destroyed] Keep targeting!

K.G.: [after the Brug Mass is destroyed] All right! Woohoo!

James: Everybody okay?

Lyle: I'm fine, but did it have to be bugs?

Adam, approaching Samus, asks for her help in exchange for following his commands.

Samus. Looks like I'm going to need to ask for your cooperation on this mission. But... I'm also going to have to ask that you follow my commands. You don't move unless I say so. And you don't fire until I say so.


He then proceeds to the top floor of the room and briefs the platoon on their mission, using it as a mission control center. In between the battle and Adam's subsequent briefing, Samus delves into a monologue about her relationship with Adam, which can be read here.

Adam giving his briefing.

In his briefing (see the transcript below), Adam states that the highest priority is to rescue any survivors. He notes that the wireless interference means he can only communicate with the platoon troopers when they interface with Navigation Booths. He orders Lyle to investigate Sector 1 (and show restraint with his explosives), Maurice to investigate Sector 2 and repair equipment, Anthony to investigate Sector 3, leaving it up to him whether to use his Plasma Gun, James to the Control Bridge to attempt to resolve their communication issues, K.G. to the Residential Area to look for survivors, and Samus to reactivate the electrical system in the System Management room. Adam authorizes her to use Bombs, but forbids her to use her Power Bombs.

If Samus idles in the Control Room after being asked to go to the System Management room, Adam calls out to her. He does so again if she continues to idle.

Samus, head for the System Management room!

What are you doing? You need to get to the System Management room.


When she returns after reactivating the room's power, Adam asks her to follow Lyle to Sector 1.

Samus, go through the hatch on your right and head toward Sector 1. Lyle went ahead to secure a route to a facility of interest. I'll leave you to survey Sector 1.

[if she idles] What's wrong? Head to Sector 1.


Adam is seen communicating with Samus from the top of the Control Room at various points during the game, such as when she encounters a Cyborg Zebesian in the Exam Center, and when he is trying to get through to her in the midst of a PTSD episode. His earpiece is shot off, presumably by the Deleter, which diverts his attention.

Samus herself cannot enter the top floor of the room until much later. An elevator shaft in the adjacent room leads up to Adam's post, but Samus cannot access the door. Additionally, Adam cannot be seen through the window except after Samus restores the power in the System Management room, because he stands up when giving her a new objective.

Samus finally arrives in the balcony of the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room, and sees Adam's helmet.

Days after the incident at the BOTTLE SHIP, the Galactic Federation decides to destroy it. Before this happens, Samus returns to the Control Room to collect "something that can't be replaced". However, the elevator in the adjacent room that would take her up to the command box is locked, forcing her to take a detour through the Control Bridge, where she defeats Phantoon and is finally able to access Adam's post. Samus disables her Power Suit and picks up the item she came for: Adam's helmet, which he left behind when he raced to stop her from entering Sector Zero. She has an emotional moment with the helmet that is quickly interrupted by the start of the self-destruction protocol. Carrying the helmet, Samus proceeds out of the Control Room toward her Star Ship. As she re-enters the lower part of the room, parts of it begin to explode.

Adam briefing[]

Adam: Exactly what transpired here on the BOTTLE SHIP is still uncertain. Here's what we do know: the equipment we thought had been destroyed is operational again, and we've seen casualties attributed to an unidentified and lethal creature. The situation is critical. We need to gather all the information we can, but priority one is to find any survivors and bring them to safety. Consider this site extremely dangerous. Be careful as you make your sweeps. And there's one problem.

The wireless interference in this facility is all-pervasive. Your comm systems are useless. As a result, communication channels will be limited to the facility's navigation booths.

Well then... Lyle! Investigate Sector 1. And show a little restraint with the explosives.

Lyle: Gotcha!

Adam: Maurice! You cover Sector 2. Repair any equipment you come across.

Maurice: Affirmative!

Adam: Anthony! You're Sector 3. I'll leave it to you to decide whether plasma guns are called for.

Anthony: All right!

Adam: James! Check out the Control Bridge. Our communication issues might be the result of electrical interference.

James: Yes, sir!

Adam: And, K.G.! Run a complete sweep of the residential quarters and investigate any trace of survivors.

K.G.: Got it!

Adam: Each of you is authorized to use a freeze gun. Do not forget to check in regularly via navigation booths. And, Samus. You go to the System Management room. Do everything you can to get the electrical system back up and running. Looks like your comm system is still functional. Remember, everything you see will also appear on this screen. Regarding auxiliary weapons, the use of bombs has been authorized. As far as your other weapons go, we will continue to investigate and authorize use as we can. However... We currently have no plans to authorize the use of Power Bombs. As you know, they have the ability to spread a high-temperature heat wave over a large area, impacting living things... which is a nice way of saying they can vaporize humans instantly. You should be well aware of how dangerous Power Bombs are and how their devastation can't be obstructed with common materials. Once the mission in the System Management room is complete, I need you to report back. I'll give you your next orders then.

I want you all to be especially careful as you execute your missions. That's the end of the briefing.

Samus (monologue): It was the first joint mission I'd been a part of since becoming a freelance bounty hunter. And, of course, it was the first time since my Federation days that I was following the orders of a commanding officer.

James: Let's go!

Samus (M): Having received mission orders from Adam, I felt confused and strangely exhilarated at the unexpected turn of events. I responded...

Samus: Understood, Adam. No objections, of course.

Connecting rooms[]



Authorized by Adam during the Brug Mass battle.
Authorized by Adam during the briefing after the battle.
Adam's helmet
Retrieved by Samus automatically at the end of the game.