The BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area, also called the residential quarters by Adam Malkovich and the Residential Sector in the character log description for K.G. Misawa was a part of the Main Sector on the BOTTLE SHIP. As the name implied, this room was where the staff of the BOTTLE SHIP lived.


The Residential Area is a cylindrical room with four levels, each containing numerous living areas and at least two inaccessible doors each. It is unlikely that all of these units were filled by the BOTTLE SHIP's staff prior to the events of Other M, given the small number of them seen in flashbacks. They may have been added by the Space Development Corporation with the intention of the ship being used as a human colony and not an illegal bioweapons development facility. It is not possible to Space Jump to any of the balconies of these floors, or to enter the living quarters.

In the center of the room is a tower displaying rectangular-shaped holograms, and surrounded by scaffolding, large screens depicting schematics related to the BOTTLE SHIP, and a glass barrier on the floor. One of the screens depicts the BOTTLE SHIP itself. The floor has a grey and black tiled pattern. The exit door is located in a short hall that turns to the left, and is lined with lights on the wall and baseboard. A group of Cyclaws is found in this hall.


BOTTLE SHIP Residential Area - other screens.png

K.G. Misawa was ordered by Adam to investigate this area during his briefing in the nearby Control Room. However, it is not able to be visited by Samus until the post-credits sequence. It is inaccessible until then because the door leading to the room is concealed by a Desbrachian cocoon, which cannot be removed without a Power Bomb, an item Samus is not authorized to use until near the end of her initial mission.

Samus is forced to take a detour through this room when the elevator that would take her to the top of the Control Room, her target location (which contained an item she came back for) is locked.

The central room is inhabited by several Super Kihunters. If desired, Samus can obtain an Energy Part here, but otherwise she is free to continue toward an alternate elevator to the Cryosphere.

Connecting rooms[]



The Residential Area's Energy Part.

Energy Part
Samus must build up speed when running around the room, and then Shinespark toward the ceiling. She can then Space Jump to the highest point of the central tower, atop which is this Part.


  • It is unknown how K.G. Misawa gained access to the residential area when asked to explore it by Adam Malkovich: the only entrances are blocked by Desbrachian cocoons, which remain undisturbed until Samus enters the sector. It is possible that the numerous elevators in the sector connect to other areas of the station, or he may have accessed the room through one of the doors on a higher level.
  • The glass-paneled railing surrounding the Residential Area's central column is the only transparent object in the game that the Wave Beam cannot pass through.