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Bottle Ship Scientist 1

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A BOTTLE SHIP Security Guard (ボトルシップの警備員?)[1] is, as the name would imply, a security guard of the BOTTLE SHIP. They seem to be underlings of the ringleaders. BOTTLE SHIP Security Guards are only seen in Metroid: Other M, towards the end, and not in person.

Dr. Madeline Bergman described to Samus Aran that two of these guards restrained MB at the direction of another scientist, on "orders from above". MB, who was observing the Breeding Room shortly after Little Birdie's murder of a Lab Worker, was to have her AI program altered. Although MB pleaded for help, Madeline knew that it had to be done, and did nothing to stop them. This drove MB into a furious rage, and because of her super strength as an android, she easily overpowered the security guards and researcher, and thus caused the BOTTLE SHIP to suffer widespread damage. Samus, the Galactic Federation Army, Madeline, and the 07th Platoon all assisted in the eventual destruction of MB.

Security Guards wear clothing covering the entire body, as well as a helmet with a visor, made of reinforced plastic and a "gummy material", protective mouth mask and rubber gloves. Their uniforms are similar to the hazmat suits worn by the Federation surgeons who operate on Samus in the opening of Metroid Fusion.



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