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The "BRC main laboratory" is the central room of the Bioweapon Research Center. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The main laboratory is a large room with multiple computer terminals that provide access to the Bioweapon Research Center Database with a password. The computers cannot be accessed in gameplay. The floor has a mixed pattern, divided by a zigzagging line. On the left is a pattern of diamond and octagon-shaped tiles, and on the right side is a pattern of square tiles with a screw or marking in each corner. A staircase is present near the entrance to the room, and is lined with the same black and yellow striped pattern as certain ledges and other environments on the BOTTLE SHIP.

On the first visit, the door leading further into the center is blocked by a Desbrachian gate, which is gone on the next visit. No Desbrachians are encountered here in gameplay.

Notably, the sound Samus's footsteps make when she runs in this room are different compared to most other environments in the game. Here, her steps sound as though she is running on marbled or glossy floor.

Curiously, if the computer screens are examined closely with Search View, they display "Living body arms development lab". This was the original name of the Bioweapon Research Center, as seen in the E3 2009 trailer that revealed Other M.


Samus cautiously enters this room, and notices the Desbrachian gate. Her attention is quickly diverted when the computers in the room suddenly come online, and she moves towards them. From here, a prerendered cutscene begins where she attempts to access the Bioweapon Research Center Database, but the password she uses does not work. The last three keys she enters are "E-Y-K".

The Deleter spying on Samus and MB.

Suddenly, a nearby door opens and the survivor Samus saved in the Materials Storehouse walks in. Startled by Samus's presence, she quickly runs back into the room she emerged from and locks the door. Samus approaches the door and insists she is not a Galactic Federation member, but that she was responding to the distress signal. The survivor opens the door and introduces herself as Madeline Bergman. Samus follows her into the storage room, where Madeline explains the special-forces unit, and indicates the BOTTLE SHIP was home to an even more dangerous plan. She brings Samus back into the main laboratory to show her.

As Madeline and Samus approach the terminal, someone is seen watching them. Madeline accesses the database (the last three digits of her password are "O-T-4") and produces a military order authorizing Project Metroid Warriors, an effort to use Metroids - supposedly eradicated by Samus in her previous mission - as bioweapons. Madeline explains they were cloned from tissue and cell structure found on Samus's Power Suit, and this was also how Ridley was resurrected. She further reveals the existence of an AI, MB, which controls the Metroids much like Mother Brain did, and tells Samus they are located in Sector Zero.

Samus instructs Madeline to stay in the laboratory until she returns from destroying the Metroids and MB, and tells her that Adam Malkovich will assist her if necessary. However, Madeline states that Adam authorized the Metroid project. As Samus leaves, someone is seen approaching Madeline, who looks at them calmly before the screen turns black and a gunshot is heard.

When Samus returns to this room after leaving Sector Zero, Madeline is gone. Samus is locked in Search View until she examines the body of James Pierce, whose visor has been smashed open, on the floor to the right. His presence here confirms that he had been the traitor within the 07th Platoon.



Samus finds James' body.

Samus then sees that the gate blocking access to the rest of the center is gone. She proceeds into the center, eventually encountering the real Madeline Bergman, while the woman she met earlier is revealed to be MB in android form.

After the credits, James' body has been removed, likely by the Galactic Federation Army who stormed the Bioweapon Research Center. At the end of the game, when Samus finds Adam's helmet, which he left behind in the BOTTLE SHIP Control Room, a flashback shows that he witnessed Samus's conversation with MB here and rushed off to Sector Zero to stop her from entering it.

Transcript of conversation[]

Note: "(M)" means this line is part of a monologue.

Samus: Huh? [checks computers, survivor arrives and locks herself in adjacent room]

Samus: I'm not a member of the Galactic Federation. I came here because I intercepted the distress call. I'm a bounty hunter. And I know that something is after you. Please, you must believe me. [survivor comes out]

Samus: Thank you. I'm Samus Aran. What's your name?

Survivor: Madeline... Bergman.

[transition to storage room - they later return to this room and she brings up information about Project Metroid Warriors]

Samus: What?! That's not possible! The Metroids were terminated along with Zebes.

Samus (M): Yes... And the last of them, the baby, met its end above my head...

"Madeline": You're Samus Aran, right? The one who annihilated the Space Pirates? ...Metroid remnants were attached to your suit when you returned from Zebes. They were reproduced from a piece of cell structure salvaged by the Federation, and they are in this facility.

Samus: And Ridley in the same way...

"Madeline": At first no one thought that the creature was Ridley. They didn't think it had potential as a bioweapon at all. They raised it like a pet, calling it "little birdie." Until one day... It attacked one of the researchers and got away. Ridley had played dead and lured the scientist into his cage. What was left... It was a horrible sight.

Samus: But in order to control Metroids, you need Mother Brain's telepathy. You don't... You didn't re-create a Mother Brain clone, did you?

Madeline: It's artificial intelligence. We developed an AI program that would reproduce Mother Brain's thought processes. We called it "MB".

Samus: But it was just a program. It wasn't the mother herself.

Madeline: MB evolved as it communicated with the Metroids. It appears as though it began to become self-aware... much like the original Mother Brain. It's really quite remarkable...

Samus (M): That's when it became clear to me just why Madeline was so afraid of the Space Pirates' resurrection. It wasn't that her story had holes in it—through the holes were glimpses of the danger that was right before her eyes. If everything she said was true...

Samus: Where are the Metroids and MB?

Madeline: They're in an area called Sector Zero. It's a unit that doesn't appear in any of our map data. It's a place like Tourian, where we propagate and raise Metroids.

Samus (M): I began to see what the worst-case scenario would look like. The ultimate weapon, the Metroid, would be mass-produced, and as soon as an AI that could control them was developed, the plan to create a special-forces unit modeled after the Space Pirates was replaced. But as the AI called MB spun out of control, the facility became a place much like the planet Zebes. If the situation were left alone, galactic society would be put in peril. Even the ringleaders of the operation wanted to avoid that, but they still wanted the Metroids. And that's why... They decided to capture the Metroids contained in Sector Zero... and "delete" the rest of the facility, including the Space Pirates, Ridley, and everyone who knew the secret.

Samus (M): But before the ringleaders could act, Adam appeared. Adam might have known or suspected the truth about the facility from the beginning. Regardless, since the ringleaders were members of the Galactic Federation, they could no longer act recklessly. And so a Deleter was installed as a member of Adam's team to destroy evidence and plan each subsequent move. But having me added on as a member must have disrupted the Galactic Federation's plans.

Samus: Madeline, thanks for telling me all this. I've got to destroy the Metroids and MB in Sector Zero. You have to remain hidden. Don't worry. The Galactic Federation CO who's here now will help you. You're safe.

"Madeline": Does that CO happen to be Commander Adam Malkovich? [scene changes to Samus on the elevator back to the Biosphere]

Madeline: The real leader of this operation is Commander Malkovich. I can't believe that he's here.

Samus: Stay here until I return.

Connecting rooms[]


  • MB (first visit, cutscene)
  • Desbrachian (inactive, disappears after first visit)
  • James Pierce (cutscene, found dead on second visit)