I don't know how much time passed since then. I was in my starship when I suddenly caught a signal. Code name: Baby's Cry. A common S.O.S. with the urgency of a baby crying. Nicknamed because its sole intent is to attract as much attention as possible. The signal was coming from a remote part of space. I altered the course of my ship as if the detour had already been part of my flight plan. Baby's Cry - it was as though it was crying specifically for me.

Samus Aran

Baby's Cry

Baby's Cry is the code name for a common type of distress signal in space, nicknamed for the urgency it implies.

In Metroid: Other M, the distress signal originated from a space station known as the BOTTLE SHIP, picked up by both Samus Aran and the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon. The signal reminds Samus of her own baby, who had died in the previous game in the timeline: Super Metroid. Samus assumes correctly that Dr. Madeline Bergman sent the signal.

Metroid Prime and Super Metroid began with Samus receiving distress signals, although neither were stated to be Baby's Cry signals. In Japanese commercials for the latter, the signal was referred to as an Emergency Order and Galactic Federation Police Emergency Order.

Metroid: Other M Art FolioEdit

The Bottle ShipEdit

"A distress signal known as a "Baby's Cry" drew me to this facility, which is listed as decommissioned. Its purpose is shrouded in mystery, although it's clear that its original design was to sustain and study life-forms in a variety of environments. Something has gone terribly wrong in this place."

Please note that the above dialogue is taken from Metroid and Me (by Samus Aran), and is different in the final version of the game.


  • The distress signal emanating from the derelict ship is likely inspired by a similar concept in the film Alien (which greatly inspired Metroid), where a distress signal attracts the Nostromo to The Derelict LV-426.
  • The BOTTLE SHIP is, as the name implies, shaped like a bottle, such as a baby's bottle, and Nightmare, a specimen on board the ship, makes baby-like noises when its faceplate is destroyed. MB on the station also acts as a mother figure to the Metroids, and Dr. Madeline Bergman as a mother to her.
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