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The Badger Clovers (バジャー グローヴ Bajā gurōvu?) (also translated as Badger Grove and Bajar Glove) are a species of flowers used by the Space Pirates as biological weapons.

The flowers were said to be "extremely poisonous" by the Chozo Gray Voice, and were most likely either a natural species that the Space Pirates found and used or one they genetically modified.

Based upon the drastic actions the Chozo took to destroy them all by burning an entire valley, it is possible they can corrupt and poison the surrounding land. They can "corrupt" lifeforms such as the pollinating species the Iono Feria, making them follow the Space Pirates and attack others, which was a complete change from their normal behavior.

The homeworld of this species is unknown, though it may have possible grown on Urtraghus. It is not natural to Zebes, and is possible an Alkaloid species, as Mother Brain said the Space Pirates were detected due to this chemical and that the Iono Feria showed levels of it as well when "corrupted".

They have appeared only in the Metroid Manga.

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