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This ball won't roll itself, so you pushed it 10 km! You've earned a new paint job! You can check it out in Customize.

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Blast Ball match

Artwork of a Blast Ball match, with a game ball.

The Ball is a large ball used in the sport of Blast Ball. The object of the game is to score goals with the ball in the opposing team's net, much like a game of association football. However, unlike association football, the ball is not kicked around, but shot using the Arm Cannons of the contestants' Mechs. The first team to score 3 goals, or that finishes with the highest number of goals, wins. Before beginning a match, contestants will have the opportunity to practice shooting the Ball around in an empty arena on the G.F.S. Aegis.

Contact with the Ball causes severely damage to competing players (at least 17 energy points are lost), and it is even capable of disabling their Mechs if they have sustained enough damage. Charging a shot near the ball will draw it towards the contestant. Shooting the ball can produce power-ups at regular intervals, including Shields, Adrenaline and Eject. The ball changes in appearance at various points. Pushing the ball over 10km over all games of Blast Ball played will unlock a random Paint Job.

The standard ball is grey and covered in a glowing grey hexagonal pattern when practicing. Upon starting a proper game, the color of the pattern changes to green. It spawns from the top of the arena and takes on a different appearance situationally. During some rounds, a "frenzy" ball will be produced, which is blue in color and appears similarly to a rubber band ball, with a much bouncier structure. This ball is accompanied by "frenzy" music included as a part of the credits medley. The ball may also appear as a flaming, molten rock, which glows orange when shot and is accompanied by intense, Lower Norfair-esque music. It is also heavier and makes crackling noises when shot at. If a goal on either team is scored, the ball and music will revert to normal for the next round.

The mechanics of the ball and Blast Ball are similar to the spheres used in the Bion-based missions of the Campaign in Federation Force.


  • "Holding [L] locks on to the ball"
  • "You can always locate the ball, no matter where it is"
  • "Hold [R], adjust your aim, and shoot the ball"
  • "Changing from a practice ball to a game ball..."
  • "Change complete"
  • "Be careful--touching it hurts!"
  • "Shooting the ball repeatedly causes it to drop power-ups"
  • "Shoot the ball now to spawn a power-up"
  • "The key is to stay locked on!"


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