Samus using the Ball Spark.

The Ball Spark[1] is a technique in Metroid: Zero Mission that combines the Morph Ball and the Speed Booster. This technique can be accessed in two different manners. The most accessible manner requires the Ball Jump function that is incorporated in the High Jump Boots: when Samus has stored a charge for a Shinespark, she can morph into a ball, jump while still in Morph Ball form, and then propel herself in one of five directions. This technique is essentially a Shinespark performed while in Morph Ball form.

The Morph Ball launcher is the only other way to access this technique: Samus simply needs to roll as a Morph Ball into the machine and drop a Bomb. This will energize the launcher and send her flying as the Ball Spark. However, the machine only has an opening pointing upwards, meaning it can launch Samus in a single direction only.  

As with all other variations of the Speed Booster, Samus can destroy Speed Booster Blocks with this technique. Also, if Samus Ball Sparks horizontally into a slope, she will begin rolling at high speeds; at this point, she can store a Speed Booster charge in preparation for using another Ball Spark.

The Ball Spark is required to gain access to certain power-ups. Samus can also obtain her first Super Missiles much earlier than usual via a series of Ball Sparks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Boost Ball used in the Metroid Prime series can be considered as a simpler and more accessible version of the Ball Spark.
  • While the Speed Booster and Shinespark are absent in Metroid: Samus Returns, the Spider Boost move will propel Samus away from the surface she is gripping onto at high speeds, similar to the Ball Spark.

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