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Barnacle-like material[1], or simply barnacles[1], is a strange substance seen in Tourian during the events of Super Metroid.


Barnacle-like material resembles a mass entanglement of branches or roots. It is found encrusting two rooms in the depths of the new Tourian, including the the barren wasteland-like room where the Big Metroid is encountered. It does not damage Samus Aran, but it does block her path. Most of it can easily be removed with weapon fire to allow Samus to pass through, though some small pieces seem to be indestructible.

According to Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide, the barnacle-like material serves an unknown purpose. Although it resembles plantlife, the guide speculates that a vile organism may have secreted this material. Because the Big Metroid is one of the few living inhabitants of these Tourian rooms, it is possible that this substance is excreted by Metroids.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]


"At point A, and beyond point A, you will encounter areas that are encrusted with an extremely odd barnacle-like material. The substance may have been secreted by some vile life form, but it's not really clear why it exists. To clear a path and get through it, just blast it."


  • The barnacle-like material strongly resembles the Metroid webs seen on SR388, especially as originally depicted in Metroid II: Return of Samus. This relationship is further hinted at by Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide, which suggests that the barnacle-like material is secreted by an organism. However, no official connection has been confirmed.
  • The barnacle-like material also bears resemblance to bushes and vegetation, but is not considered plantlife.