Sir, a Space Pirate attack fleet has just warped out of some sort of wormhole. They're also heading for Sector Zero, the planet's home base.

Male Fleet Trooper (Ready Room)

Base Sector Zero[1], referred to simply as Sector Zero ingame, is the area of Norion explored in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It houses a large military base containing three Fedtech Plasma Generators, three Landing Sites, and a large Control Tower that controls the orbital Defense Cannon. The base is crafted in Jovian steel and mounted with a large planetary defense system. Relatively advanced accommodations for the Federation Marines stationed there can be inferred, as they are at least capable enough of protecting the remote planet, and they are among the first to test Phazon Enhancement Devices, highly experimental technology in itself.

The base is soon attacked by the Space Pirates, who intend to launch a Leviathan to corrupt the planet as with Norion's neighboring planets, Bryyo and Elysia. Samus Aran, Rundas, Ghor and Gandrayda were sent to stop them. The Space Pirates managed to deactivate all generators, thus preventing the Federation from using the defense cannon to easily repulse the assault. Samus and Rundas reactivated the generators and all four Bounty Hunters raced to the Control Tower to activate the Defense Cannon, but not before they were corrupted with Phazon by Dark Samus.

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