The Battlehammer is the Bounty Hunter Weavel's weapon of choice, featured in Metroid Prime Hunters.


The Battlehammer is also an additional weapon system for the Arm Cannons of characters other than Weavel. Powered by a small nuclear reactor, it is a heavy mortar-type weapon that fires green globules of energy along an arching path. It features a high rate of fire but no charge attack (though Gorea was able to charge it; this results in multiple ordinary shots being launched at an even more rapid pace). Though it can, presumably, be used with any adaptive weapon, the blaster used by Weavel is configured with the Battlehammer in mind. Battlehammer rounds explode upon contact and have a small blast radius.

When used by Weavel, rounds fire more slowly but create a larger splash-damaging explosion over the normal one. Despite the reduction in fire rate, the potential damage and general handiness still increases enough to more than make up for it in most circumstances, and this bonus also means there is more potential damage per round, which generally saves Universal Ammunition while being more effective than normal. The turret half of Weavel's Halfturret fires the Battlehammer automatically at no UA cost, but only uses the non-affinity version of the weapon.

The Battlehammer is strong against Kanden and others with high-voltage weaponry such as Slench 3, as well as against Gorea when it's green. It colors the markings on the user's Arm Cannon green; unlike most other bounty hunters and their respective Affinity Weapons, this applies to Weavel as well because his main color is not green.

Multiplayer role[]

Like the Magmaul, the Battlehammer is a mortar-like weapon whose rounds follow a parabolic trajectory. However, unlike the Magmaul, Battlehammer shots go off on contact (as opposed to a three-second timer), do not bounce, and can be fired continuously. These traits make it well suited for both long and close range combat, as Samus (or whoever the character being controlled is) doesn't need to compensate as much for the arcing trajectory. Also like the Magmaul, it seems to be effective against Alt-Forms. When Weavel enters his Alt-Form, the Halfturret, his lower half fires Battlehammer rounds at anyone within range, even if he doesn't have the Battlehammer. As mentioned, the rounds fired from Weavel's alt form, the Halfturret, are identical to those fired by non-Weavel characters using the Battlehammer, so they lack the characteristics of Weavel's bonuses with it in normal form.

The major advantages of the Battlehammer can be broken down into that not only is it a splash damaging weapon, but it is automatic and features a high fire rate, can retain and usually gain an advantage in close range fighting without putting the user too much at risk of frequently doing collateral splash damage to themselves, can be effective even around obstacles due to its altered trajectory and explosion, and, if used skillfully and effectively, deal damage at a greater potential rate than most other weapons in the game.

The Battlehammer's disadvantages are in that it lacks a charge attack, it requires some trajectory compensation, and, due to this, despite its long potential range, it still is limited. Compensation can become difficult at longer ranges, as the user must adjust their view to a large degree to fire.

Logbook entry[]


Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

The BATTLEHAMMER is powered by a miniature nuclear reactor. This HEAVY-DUTY repeater is recommended only for those familiar with high-caliber weaponry.


  • Certain objects will show "HEAVY-DUTY" in the description when scanned, which always refer to the Battlehammer.
  • In the Alimbic Prophecy, the Battlehammer is referred to as Greenwood.
  • The Battlehammer is one of only three weapons that has shown lobbing effects in a Metroid game.
  • During the cutscene where the six Bounty Hunters fire their weapons at the Seal Sphere, Weavel can be seen using a small handheld blaster firing high-impact bullets rather than the Battlehammer.
  • The Battlehammer is the only weapon in Metroid Prime Hunters to be obtained after completion of a series of scans.