Using a special energy called Aeion, Samus can temporarily power up with several abilities. For example, you can power up your attacks and hold down the fire button to unleash a machine gun barrage of shots.

Yoshio Sakamoto[1]

Promotional artwork depicting Samus using the Beam Burst against an Alpha Metroid.

The Beam Burst is the third Aeion ability in Metroid: Samus Returns. It is acquired from an Aeion Ability Artifact in Area 3. The ability enhances Samus's beam weapons and allows her to unleash a machine gun-like barrage of shots when the fire button (Y) is held down. This naturally means the Charge Beam is incompatible with the Beam Burst. As with other Aeion abilities, using the Beam Burst depletes Samus' reserve of Aeion. The Beam Burst and Power Bomb are the only weapons capable of destroying certain enemies, such as Blob Throwers and Black Gravitts, and steel orbs.

When activated, Beam Burst takes up both the slots for the Power Beam and Ice Beam, preventing Samus from using the Ice Beam while it is activated, though the Grapple Beam can still be selected even while the Beam Burst is active, as it is not compatible with the Aeion Ability. The Beam Burst takes on properties of any stackable beams including the Wave, Spazer, and Plasma Beams.

The Beam Burst also has the unique trait of being able to damage Metroids that have grown beyond the larval stage. This is only effective if their mouths or membranes are targeted however.

Official data[]


"Destroy enemies with rapid-fire attacks."


"Select with [D-pad right]. Activate to strengthen beam shots. Hold [Y] for a continuous flurry of shots.

  • Aeion is expended with each shot."

Aeion Abilities data[]

"Beam Burst enhances your beam by increasing attack power and enabling rapid-fire shots. Firing this beam uses Aeion. Press [D-pad right] to equip. Press [A] while equipped to activate. Hold [Y] for rapid-fire shots. Press [A] again to deactivate."


  • Despite being seemingly incompatible with the Charge Beam, Beam Burst shots have similar properties to Charge shots as they can restore power to Charge Doors. This indicates the possibility that the Charge Beam is actually incorporated into it, though due to the Beam Burst's rapid-fire and Aeion fuel source, no charging is required.
  • Some of the properties of the Beam Burst resemble that of the Murder Beam/Spacetime Beam glitches from Super Metroid.
  • In Metroid Dread, Raven Beak utilizes Beam Burst as an attack during his boss battle.



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