A pile of the Bendezium material in the Phazon Mines.

Bendezium is a very strong substance that can only be destroyed by a Power Bomb. It has a high melting point and is extremely dense, making it a popular building material. It was originally mentioned by name in Metroid Prime, but may be represented in some games by Power Bomb Blocks. A material with similar properties, Denzium, appeared only in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes as a replacement for Bendezium. The only named material harder than Bendezium is Maldium, which appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and can only be destroyed by Samus's ship's missiles.

Bizarrely, it takes two vastly different forms: a rock-like ore that blocks Hatches and panes of glass.


Tallon Overworld[]

Chozo Ruins[]

Magmoor Caverns[]

Phendrana Drifts[]

Phazon Mines[]

Official data[]

Official site[]

kreuger displacement: 98.75
atomic weight: 65.332
vacuum potential: 0
origin: Commonly found on planets with crusts containing 85% or more Urthic ore.

Shore Tunnel scan

"Bendezium is an extremely dense solid. High melting points and stable atomic structure make Bendezium a popular building material throughout the galaxy. Bendezium is nearly indestructible, but in laboratory tests it has demonstrated a vulnerability to concussive detonations."


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"Unable to measure exact power levels with current scan equipment."

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Security Access A
"Structural integrity of Bendezium gate is low."
Mine Security Station
"Microfractures present in Bendezium blast gate."
Elite Research
"Unit ident-code EPG-8642, batch 23, field designation 'Elite Pirate Alpha.' Stasis tank reinforced with Bendezium alloy plates."
Ore Processing
"Rotation Control Unit blocked by partial collapse of Bendezium wall."
Computer screen in Elite Control (room contains no Bendezium)
"Replacement of standard hatch covers continues. Steel covers will be replaced with Cordite and Bendezium covers in two deca-cycles."
Ventilation Shaft
:"There is clear air flowing from this Bendezium grate."
Metroid Quarantine A
"Bendezium within wall is unstable."
Phazon Mining Tunnel
:"High levels of Bendezium present in object."
Life Grove Tunnel and Life Grove
"Analysis of wall shows rampant weakness due to severe water saturation. Large traces of Bendezium detected."
"The Bendezium portion of the floor here is weak. Structural weakness due to supersaturation of water."
Warrior Shrine
"Bendezium portion of area unstable."
Shore Tunnel
"Scan shows stress fractures in Bendezium frame."
Geothermal Core
"Collapsed Bendezium wall section is structurally unsound."
Workstation Tunnel
"Unstable Bendezium debris blocking path."

Maintenance Tunnel hint[]

"A rock slide has blocked off this passage. Analysis indicates traces of Bendezium."