A pile of the Bendezium material in the Phazon Mines.

Bendezium is a very strong substance that can only be destroyed by a Power Bomb. It has a high melting point and is extremely dense, making it a popular building material. It was originally mentioned by name in Metroid Prime, but it may also be represented in some games by Power Bomb Blocks. A material with similar properties, Denzium, appeared only in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and acted as a replacement in the game for Bendezium. The only named material harder than Bendezium is Maldium, which appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and can only be destroyed by Samus's ship's missiles.

Bizarrely it takes two vastly different forms. A rock like ore that blocks Hatches and as panes of glass.

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kreuger displacement: 98.75
atomic weight: 65.332
vacuum potential: 0
origin: Commonly found on planets with crusts containing 85% or more Urthic ore.

Shore tunnel bendezium frame scan dolphin hd

Shore Tunnel scan

"Bendezium is an extremely dense solid. High melting points and stable atomic structure make Bendezium a popular building material throughout the galaxy. Bendezium is nearly indestructible, but in laboratory tests it has demonstrated a vulnerability to concussive detonations."


Shore Tunnel
"Scan shows stress fractures in Bendezium frame."


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