Bermuda System

Bermuda System

The Bermuda System is a planetary system containing three planets: Excelcion, Talvania and Bion. It is the setting of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The titular Federation Force, a team of four Galactic Federation Marines wearing Mech suits, travels to the Bermuda System on an archaeological expedition and uncovers a Space Pirate plot and their "strategic weapon": the Doomseye. Samus Aran also conducts her own investigation into the system. Three planets in the system are visited by the Federation Force: Talvania, Excelcion and Bion.

Official websiteEdit

"Welcome to the Bermuda System, soldier! This isolated corner of the galaxy is home to three very different worlds, each with its own set of unique challenges. Your job is to survey the planets, terminate any hostile forces, and, hopefully, return home in one piece."


Bermuda System artwork

The name Bermuda is likely a reference to the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean on Earth that is known in popular culture for the multiple unexplained disappearances that are said to have occurred within the region. As a result, the Bermuda Triangle is commonly associated with paranormal or extraterrestrial activity.