Big Aeion Orb

A Big Aeion Orb in the hands of a Chozo Statue.

A Big Aeion Orb is a stationary orb that completely restores Samus Aran's Aeion Gauge upon contact.


These orbs appear throughout SR388 in Metroid: Samus Returns, and are generated by dispensers resembling a pair of miniature Chozo Statues. After power-ups and Aeion abilities have been collected, Big Aeion Orbs will permanently replace them in the hands of Chozo Statues and the mouths of Aeion Ability Artifacts, respectively. When collected by Samus, a Big Aeion Orb is fully absorbed and disappears, although it regenerates after a short time.

Official dataEdit

Metroid: Samus Returns manualEdit

Items (pg. 10)
Big Aeion Orb
"Completely refills your Aeion Gauge.
These reappear after a certain amount of time, so you can keep picking them up."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official GuideEdit

"Aeion must have been a big focus of Chozo scientific research on SR388. Perhaps it was Aeion that brought them to this remote and dangerous planet in the first place. Whatever the answer, on top of the Aeion Ability Artifacts, dispensers containing Big Aeion Orbs can be found all over the planet’s interior. Touching one fully refills your Aeion Energy bar, making Big Aeion Orbs just as important as any of the Recharge Stations you find during the mission."