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It's ok. Someone will hear our SOS and come for us[.] Help is on the way.

—"Big Bro"

"Big Bro" is a nickname used to refer to a child passenger aboard the Crest.


In Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether, "Big Bro" and his younger sister are aboard the Crest. Why the children were aboard the ship is unknown, although it is likely that they were passengers on the "transport and passenger ship". Whether their parents were aboard is also unknown, as they are unseen in the manga.

The two siblings are held hostage by a group of Space Pirates led by a boss. The boy attempts to comfort his sister by reassuring her that help will come. The pirate boss, amused by this, attacks the boy and tells him that "reality is no fairy tale".

The Pirate boss is proven wrong when he hears news that the Pirate Mothership has been destroyed, and a certain Gunship then flies in, with its pilot quickly laying waste to the Pirate forces. Despite this setback, the Pirate boss holds "Big Bro" hostage along with an old man. While the man pleads with Samus to lower her Arm Cannon, the boy, seemingly more courageous than him, implores Samus to finish the Pirate off. Samus refuses to stand down, causing the boss to throw the hostages back at her, speculating whether she will shoot and risk injury to them or brush them aside (either way, he plans to kill all three).

Unexpectedly, Samus jumps off the old man and obliterates the boss, catching the boy before he falls. The adult chastises Samus for acting recklessly, though he is ignored. Samus ruffles the boy's hair before leaving. The boy, who had seen Samus's "very kind eyes", disagrees with the man's notion that Samus has no emotion because she refused to let him thank her, and speaks glowingly of the Bounty Hunter to his sister.