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Biohazard scanners are screening devices that are employed as security measures. Their purpose is to scan life forms and evaluate whether they carry any substances that may be hazardous to other life forms. In the event of a positive reading, the biohazard scanner will display this and prevent the subject from contaminating further areas. In this scenario, it is likely the subject would have to be quarantined and examined until it could be determined that the substance is not harmful, or can be safely eradicated.

Samus Aran's Gunship contains a biohazard scanner for her personal use, but they are often used professionally in spaceship containment areas, during guest identification procedures. The Galactic Federation's Olympus-class battleships were typically outfitted with these scanners; the G.F.S. Olympus , for example, was known to have one each in its Security Station and MedLab Delta.

Design and operation[]

Biohazard scanners are roughly rectangular-shaped terminals, with a black, central screen for information display framed by metal casing. A red handle protrudes from the left side, which may be held onto if extra stability is required during use.

Usually stored in a wall or the ceiling, the biohazard scanner extends outward when in use. To operate it, the user must first calibrate the device by adjusting a knob on the bottom left of the scanner's frame. Twisting it in the correct manner will result in two crosshairs overlapping in the center of the screen; they must both touch for about two seconds in order to load all four bars at the top of the screen. This will complete the biohazard scan. However, the model used on Federation vessels does not seem to require twisting the knob, as the two crosshairs overlap automatically.

Analysis of the data collected will take a short time, in which the various specifics of the individual will be displayed in a column next to an image of the subject along with bar graph data. Once analysis is complete, the status of the individual will be displayed. If the person has no signs of hazardous material, the status will be displayed as "clear" in green letters. If foreign material has been detected by the sensors, then the screen will read the specific hazardous content along with the levels of the substance present in the target's body. However, biohazard scanners are purely diagnostic in nature, and cannot be used to purge the hazards they find.


Security Station (G.F.S. Olympus)
"Biohazard scanner is used to detect any hazardous substances within a subject's body."
"Switch activates the biohazard scanner that measures the levels of hazardous materials in your body."