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BSL is an organization which studies dangerous creatures from distant planets. Its most famous space station orbited SR-388.

When Samus Aran was attacked by an X Parasite on SR-388, she was transported to Galactic Federation HQ. There, her Power Suit was surgically removed, and transported to the BSL Space Station orbiting SR-388. However, while in the Quarantine Bay, the Power Suit pieces formed together to create the SA-X. The SA-X went on a rampage and murdered all the people aboard the station, and infected all the creatures (except for a small group of Etecoons and Dachoras, who escaped with Samus) aboard with X Parasites. As Samus attempted to regain her powers and destroy the X, she discovered that the Galactic Federation had cloned [[Metroid {species}|Metroids]] under experiment there. After Samus had defeated the SA-X, she sent the station crashing into the planet, causing the planet to vaporize, and the X threat was removed. However, there are other existing BSL space stations, so Galactic Federation experiments likely continue still.

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