MPH Trace Biomorphs Into Triskelion

Trace biomorphs into the Triskelion

Biomorph[1][2][3] is a term used in Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to refer to bioforms that possess metamorphic abilities.



The Bounty Hunter Trace has the ability to biomorph into an Alt-Form called the Triskelion. In this form, the bipedal upright Kriken becomes a smaller three-legged creature that enhances his mobility and invisibility.

Krikens are not known to biomorph naturally. The Triskelion biomorph is made possible by sophisticated military biotechnology created by the Kriken Empire. Samus Aran's Logbook refers to the Triskelion as a "war machine", indicating that the biomorphing technology was created for the Kriken Empire's goal of conquest.


As revealed in Alimbic Lore, the powerful being Gorea originated as a biomorphic vapor, which then mimicked the atomic and cellular structure of Alimbics in order to adopt a solid form. It continues to be biomorphic even in its solid state, changing its shape to use a wide variety of lethal weaponry.

When battled in the Oubliette, Gorea copies the Affinity Weapons of the Bounty Hunters, and is able to change its form to use each weapon. However, each time it does so, the fragile biomorphic neutrons forming its shoulders become vulnerable to the antithesis of the weapon it is currently using. Samus can target the shoulders, destroying Gorea's arms with sufficient damage.

Jovia XIIEdit

According to Galactic Federation Datafile GD-202, Jovia XII is known for its biomorphs, which possess a similar metamorphic ability to the shapeshifting Bounty Hunter Gandrayda.

Little else is known about these biomorphs, though it is assumed that they are native inhabitants of Jovia XII and are capable of shapeshifting. The ambiguous syntax of Datafile GD-202, which only refers to "the biomorphs of Jovia XII", could be alternatively interpreted as meaning Jovia XII itself is an entity capable of biomorphing.


  • In real life, biomorph refers to a shape (especially in art and architecture) that is visually evocative of organisms such as bacteria. This definition is most relevant with Gorea, which used its biomorphic atoms to mimic the Alimbics' cellular structure. It can also be applied to Trace's biomorphing, which is artificial in nature.


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