Bion is the smallest of the three planets in the Bermuda System. It is featured in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. An ancient race with a unique culture once lived on this planet, but are presumed extinct. It is later discovered through biometric data that they may have been gigantic creatures, having artifically increased their size. Three bosses are fought on Bion: the Rohkor Beetle, Cyranon and the Pirate Warship.


Official website[]

"This is Bion, second planet in the Bermuda System. An ancient race that once lived on this planet possessed a unique culture. Our best translations suggest that they followed a tenet system referred to as the Orb. However, our scans show no trace of this race. We can only assume they went extinct a long time ago. What our scans have detected, though, is a mysterious signal coming from one of the temples on the surface.

Your first mission: Discover the source of a mysterious signal coming from within a temple on Bion."