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Bion Logs are short data entries written by the ancient Bion race on their homeworld. They are accessible via dedicated terminals during all but two Bion-based missions in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Similar to Lore in other Metroid Prime games, the logs give insight into the civilization and lives of the ancient race. The two missions to Bion without dedicated terminals (and by extension, these Logs) are M12: Last Stand and M16: Slipstream, which are both time-sensitive and boss-based.

M02: HardballEdit

Bion Log: Orb
Our supreme wisdom sleeps in our sacred shrine. Only those who respect the Orb may proceed from this point.

Bion Log: Bridge
Only one who continues to shine the power of light may reveal the path deeper into our sacred temple.

Bion Log: Risk of Extinction
Though it feels like our world has turned against us, we must keep our spirits high. Through our wisdom, we had created new bodies to carry us forward. With sorrow, we now believe that this advancement is not enough to save us from our fate.

M05: ExcavationEdit

Bion Log: Ancient Ruin
Our wisdom has been passed down through the ages. We have collected it here in hopes that it will be found by the good and righteous.

Bion Log: Cannon
To protect our wisdom from those unworthy of it, we have installed an object of war, capable of firing shells at the offenders."

Bion Log: Adaptation
In order to survive this harsh land, we have enhanced our bodies with great strength. We have our technological prowess to thank.

M09: BlenderEdit

Bion Log: Shelter
To protect us from the unending wrath of the lightning, a barrier has been installed. It will ward off the danger.

Bion Log: Underground Path
The lightning has grown even more powerful. This added danger required opening a safer route. Thus we've made one underground.

M14: TremorEdit

Bion Log: Guardian
Waves ripple in a sea of fire. Here lies our protector, until needed.

M20: InsurrectionEdit

Bion Log: Thermo Sphere
The Red Sphere born from fire must not be disturbed. Only furious retribution will come of doing so.

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