Bion storms

A lightning strike to the left.

Bion storms are severe electrical storms that occur on Bion. They occur in a remote area of the planet, amongst ruins of the ancient Bion race.

The storms pose a risk during M09: Blender in Metroid Prime: Federation Force, where the Federation Force is required to push carts filled with power cells through a stretch of ruin to their cargo ship at the end. The storms occur at semi-regular intervals and can destroy the cart and the Force's Mechs within seconds. If the second of the two carts is destroyed without the first having been secured, the mission will fail. There are ways to negate the damage, however. The ancient race built small shelters throughout the area, which provide protection from the storms if the Federation Force can get to them in time. However, the shelters are not indestructible, and if the attacking Space Pirates damage them enough, they will not be able to protect anything inside them. Shield Generators, if any are equipped for the mission, will also provide temporary protection from the storms.

The HUD will give a warning ("Storm approaching.") when a storm is coming. The Map will depict a red wave moving down over the area, which will eventually move below the bottom of the screen. During a storm, the sky will turn orange, lightning strikes are visible and debris, such as large pillars, will often fall and impede the path. They can be destroyed. An unshielded Mech and cart will quickly begin taking severe damage.

Logs left behind by the ancient race detail their attempts to protect themselves from the storms. In addition to the shelters, they also constructed an underground tunnel when the storms became even more powerful, which the Force can use to get from their cargo ship back to the starting point if they wish to recover the second cart. The Sealed Joints MOD reduces the damage caused by both Bion storms and Talvania Gas.


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