Samus. Head to the Biosphere Test area in your current sector.

Adam Malkovich

The Biosphere Test Area is a room in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The room appears as a simple plain. The entire environment, like other regions of the BOTTLE SHIP, is likely simulated with an unseen holographic projector. Hills and cliffs can be seen in the distance, while the playable part of the room is lined with bushes, small trees, patches of grass and boulders. The right corner of the room features large green flowers and a broken, blue transport vehicle.[1] The vehicle has six tires, some of which have been flattened or twisted off. In the back seat is a spare tire and what might be a gas tank. It is likely that this particular vehicle, and others like it were used to transport materials to and from the Exam Center.

The open nature of this room, its proximity to a research facility and its name indicate that it was used by the ringleaders to test the potential of creatures onboard as bioweapons for a special-forces unit. When viewing the Test Area from the main observation deck in the Exam Center, Anthony Higgs remarks to Samus that it resembles the old Galactic Federation training grounds.


After arriving in the Biosphere, Samus is tasked with rendezvousing with the 07th Platoon in this room. Lyle Smithsonian came to this area to secure it. Upon arriving, Samus automatically runs across the room's plain and enters the Exam Center, and cannot leave as the door locks.

The Mystery Creature sneers at Anthony.

Later, after the soldiers leave the Exam Center, Samus returns to the main observation deck and observes them fending off Reos, Griptians and a Mystery Creature, and rushes to their aid. The creature attacks Samus and pins her down, while the other enemies distract the platoon and leave them unable to help her. Anthony later breaks away from the group and shoots the Mystery Creature off of Samus. It escapes by leaping through a previously invisible door concealed by the hologram in the room. Anthony asks Samus if she is all right.

You OK, Princess?

[Samus punches his arm] I wanted to give you some cover earlier, but this thing takes forever to charge. I'll save the next shot for you... not that you'll need it!

Afterward, K.G. Misawa calls them over, the other soldiers having discovered Lyle Smithsonian's body.

K.G.: Hey! Come over here!

Anthony: What's up?

James: Lyle's down! He looks like a pile of rags... What's gotta happen to a guy to make him look like that?!

While the soldiers mourn their comrade, Samus automatically enters Search View. Turning around, she notices a patch of green blood on the grass, which leads behind a transport vehicle. There, she discovers the husk of the small white creature that had been stalking her through the Biosphere. Adam contacts her with new orders.

Samus: An empty shell...

Adam: Looks like that monster from earlier infiltrated Sector 3. Samus. Follow it!

The room is briefly playable at this point, but there is nothing to do except proceed into the long elevator shaft, through which Samus follows the Mystery Creature. After leaving this room, it becomes inaccessible for the rest of the game.

Connecting rooms[]


Note: All of these are encountered after Samus exits the Exam Center.


  • This is the only room in the game where the "An Unfortunate Discovery" music is heard.
  • Lyle's body is found near the large flowers, causing the scene to resemble a makeshift "funeral" of sorts.



  1. ^ Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition, page 75: "Turn around and examine the green pile of goo leading back toward one of the transport vehicles.
    When you reach the vehicle, you find the small white fuzzy creature, now dead, laying by the side of the car. It too has been torn apart ... from the inside. When Adam hears about what just occurred, he tracks the spike-tail to Sector 3 - your new destination."