The Biosphere Test Area is a room in the Biosphere in Metroid: Other M. Lyle Smithsonian came to this area to secure it. Resembling a plain, Samus Aran comes here to meet up Galactic Federation 07th Platoon, and enters the Exam Center, located in the test area.

Samus and the others later leave the Exam Center and she is ambushed by the Mystery Creature. She is unable to be helped as the platoon is distracted by Reos and Griptians, but Anthony Higgs later breaks away from the group and shoots the Mystery Creature off of Samus. It escapes by leaping through a holographic door leading to the Pyrosphere. Lyle Smithsonian's body is found in the grass. The Exam Center also explodes right after Samus follows the Mystery Creature.

Connecting roomsEdit


  • Anthony remarks to Samus that the test area looks remarkably similar to the training grounds of the Federation Army.
  • It is also possible that it was used as a testing grounds for the BOTTLE SHIP's bioweapons, as implied by the name.
  • Numerous flowers exist around Lyle's body, making the scene look as if it is a funeral of some sort.
  • This area cannot be accessed in the post-credits sequence.


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