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The "Biosphere intersection" is a room in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


The room immediately follows the Biological Experiment Floor. At the end of the cutscene in the Floor where Samus is observing Little Birdie, she runs into this room. The Map automatically updates with the location of the Biosphere Test Area when Samus enters the intersection, and the door locks behind her. On later visits, the room serves as a shortcut back to the "grand tree room" in the first half of the area. This is because there are several one-way drops in the underground cavern and Experiment Floor that prevent Samus from returning the way she came.

The intersection is a dimly-lit corridor with a green hue. It is in the loose shape of a reverse, lowercase letter H, with a slight incline in the middle. In immediate view is an Energy Part behind a glass window in the wall, which can be accessed via a small tunnel in the wall further ahead. There is a grate on the wall covering the tunnel entrance, and over the hole to get behind the window; both can be destroyed with Bombs.

The other side of the room, with Zeroes and a Sidehopper visible.

There are four Zeroes in the room and one Sidehopper. If not dispatched immediately, the Zeroes will enter a chrysalis and emerge as Kihunters. Samus is not required to defeat the creatures in order to proceed, but can do so if she wishes. She can heal any damage incurred in the Navigation Booth.

Later, when Samus is pursuing the Deleter through the Biosphere, he is seen running into the Navigation Booth from this room.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Part
Hidden in the wall and accessible via a tunnel.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 66
"Pass through the exit into a short corridor and follow it to an intersection with another passageway. Several Zeros are crawling about. Squish them quickly or wait for them to mature into full-grown Kihunters and pluck their wings.
Energy Part!:As soon as you enter this corridor, you can see the Energy Part in a small window in the corner. To reach it, walk up the corridor to the right and roll into the vent along the left wall. Drop a few Normal Bombs to boost you up the vent, then roll over to the Energy Part to pick it up."
Page 67
"After destroying the Zeros and Kihunters, stomp out the Side Hopper and make a left into the Navigation Booth."