Biotech Research Area 1 is a lab in which Space Pirate experiments are carried out. It is a room found in the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime, and the game takes the player through it twice, once during the escape from the frigate. In the first trip through, the path around the upper level is taken; upon returning, one can see that two out of the three Parasite Queens have broken out of their containment, leaving shattered containment tubes. This time, Samus approaches from the lower floor, and two Space Pirates and the remaining mutated creature are killed in an explosion. A ventilation cap explodes when it is approached, providing a way out.

The wall on the top floor of the room features a diagram explaining different stages of Phazon mutation of a Parasite Queen.

The room is completely flooded when Samus returns to the frigate on her way to the Phazon Mines. The room is completely lopsided and contains a large amount of debris. The walkway above the main room is now almost entirely blocked by debris, except close to the doors leading to Deck Beta Conduit Hall and Deck Beta Security Hall. The door leading to Connection Elevator to Deck Beta is blocked by debris. The hatch leading to Subventilation Shaft Section A was closed off by a large door after Samus passes through it. The door remains intact after the crash but is powerless and cannot be reactivated. The hatch covering a shaft below it was destroyed. However, it is blocked by debris. On the first visit, 3 Aqua Pirates are found in the room, but in the second visit, 4 Jelzaps can be found in their place. The door leading to Deck Beta Conduit Hall is de-energized and must be powered by three Power Conduits. The first is on the wall to the right of the door leading to Deck Beta Security Hall. The second is near the open tunnel. The last is directly below the door.

Connecting Rooms[]

The room on the first trip

Before Parasite Queen battle:

After Parasite Queen battle:

After Crash:



Parasite Queen scanpic 2.png
Parasite Queen skeleton scanpic 3.png

Specimen tank

Temporary scan

Morphology: Unknown
Low life signs detected.

This creature appears to be in a state of stasis hibernation.

Wall holograms

Temporary scan

Specimen Cell A
Status >> Hibernation.
Transference of Phazon Batch 0081.D complete.

Temporary scan

Specimen Cell B
Status >> Unknown.
Rejection of Phazon Compound detected.

Temporary scan

Specimen Cell C
Status >> Unknown.
Rejection of Phazon Compound detected.

Parasite panels

Temporary scan

Parasite egg in pupa stage.

Its tough exoskeleton protects it from its mother's acidic embryonic fluid.

Temporary scan

The fluid sacs in the mouth enlarge after mutation.

This allows for increased production of corrosive bile.

Temporary scan

After mutation, the carapace of the larva becomes rigid.

The carapace is quite resilient, able to resist the attacks of many predators.

Temporary scan

Combat mutation applications are complete.

The primary legs of this creature possess galvanized tips, allowing it to penetrate any known alloy.

Ventilation cap

Temporary scan

The coils on this ventilation cap look unstable.

Pirate scanpic.png
Pirate face scanpic.png

Space Pirate

Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Severe internal damage detected.

Pirate joint scanpic.png
Pirate legs scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Morphology: Space Pirate
Status >> Both legs of this creature are broken.

Pirate arm cannon scanpic.png
Pirate schematics scanpic.png
Temporary scan

Morphology:  Space Pirate
Status >> Minimal injuries assessed.

Use caution. Maximum firepower recommended.

Computer station

During escape

Temporary scan

Containment seal breached.
Larva vital signs critical.
Secure area and terminate specimen.

Dead Queen

During escape

Temporary scan

This creature is deceased.

Creature's incubation period was prematurely terminated. Its shell has not yet fully hardened.


Temporary scan

Entrance to Deck Beta Conduit Hall

Temporary scan

Entrance to Deck Beta Security Hall

Temporary scan

This door has been sealed to prevent radiation leaks.

After crash

Powerless door
"This door has no power.
Three nearby Power Conduits must be energized for it to open. Blasts of electrical energy will energize the conduits. The conduits radiate some heat that is invisible in the normal spectrum."


"Use GC stick sideways.gif/Wii stick sideways.gif while holding GC L trigger.gif/Wii Z button.png to strafe around enemies."


  • The two Space Pirates in the room that die from the explosion are not programmatically killed by it, but are actually killed by the damage from the explosion, and can be saved if they are drawn far enough away from the explosion. They fire much faster than normal Space Pirates. [1]
  • Pre-Crash, the Parasite Queen in stasis Hibernation appears invisible and cannot be seen when using the Thermal Visor (via hacking).
    • With a high enough jump, one can actually see a small heat signature emitting from the top of the container. Manipulation of the game camera reveals that the creature within does indeed have a Heat Signature, suggesting the container is most likely heat shielded in some way.
  • After the Frigate has crashed and been flooded, there are a few textures in this room that do not render correctly on the floor, and instead show up as black spaces. The textures are present when viewed through the Thermal Visor, however.





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