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The Bioweapon Research Center (known as the Living body arms development lab in the E3 2009 trailer) is a Galactic Federation base connected to Sector 1 / Biosphere in Metroid: Other M. Samus Aran arrives here while tracking the Deleter and re-encounters MB, who pretends to be Madeline Bergman. MB proceeds to reveal that two dangerous organisms thought to be eradicated from the galaxy, Metroids and Ridley, were cloned using remnants of their DNA located on Samus's Power Suit, which were extracted from her soon after her last mission on Zebes.

Later, Adam orders Samus to find a survivor in Room MW, which turns out to be the real Madeline Bergman. Samus destroys a Queen Metroid that Madeline released and then pursues the escaping Madeline before cornering her. MB appears and threatens them, but is frozen by the intervening Galactic Federation Army and later eliminated. Madeline is escorted from the premises by Samus and Anthony Higgs.

Biology[edit | edit source]

The Bioweapon Research Center mostly contained mechanisms, presumably as a defense by MB against Samus to prevent her from reaching her. The only creatures seen here are Metroids.

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  • This area contains very few enemies that can actually be fought: the Queen and Metroids spawned to help her in battle, Desbrachians, Rinka, FG-1000 and FG II-Graham units. In the cutscene before the Desbrachian battle, Mighty Griptians and Ghalmanians are shown to be nearby and are being called by MB to aid her, but are not seen in gameplay. Interesting to note is that a Desbrachian was laying dormant quite near Samus when she conversed with MB about the Metroids.
  • The Bioweapon Research Center is the smallest area in the game. The room containing two of the area's three items is inaccessible until the post game.
  • The area is referred to as the Bioweapons Research Lab on page 160 of Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition. Other instances in the guide call the center the Bioweapons Research Center.

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