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The "Bioweapon Research Center access bridge" is a room in Sector 1 / Biosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This room leads from the Biosphere into a small room with the only elevator to the Bioweapon Research Center. There is a central bridge in this room that is retractable using a terminal stationed on either side of the room. Each ledge where the bridge connects contains a trio of pillar-like structures with blue light emanating from them. There are also blue lights on the ceiling.

Beneath the bridge is a lower area with a "staircase" of sorts back up to the entrance side. One of the "steps" has a hidden tunnel underneath it, which leads into an air duct in the lower walls, through a glass tube and into a hidden chamber in the wall. At the base of the ledge on the other side is a group of fire tiles arranged in a square pattern.

While the room can be visited when Samus first passes through the preceding corridor, it only factors into her mission when she is pursuing an unaccompanied soldier later into the game. When she enters this room, the bridge retracts and she spots the soldier on the other side run to the door, look back at her momentarily, and then proceed to the elevator. The game forces Samus into Search View. Turning to her right, Samus can examine the Terminal that would re-extend the bridge on this side to find that it was destroyed. Stepping toward the ledge, Samus asks aloud, "Any objections, Adam?" and allows herself the use of her Space Jump and Screw Attack to cross over the gap. She can optionally use the Terminal on the other side to re-extend the bridge once she has crossed over. The terminal can be used to retract and extend the bridge at any time.

Connecting rooms[]



Biosphere Missile Tank 9.jpg
Space Jump and Screw Attack
Samus decides to use these items in this room.
Missile Tank
Samus must jump into the pit beneath the bridge and find a tunnel on the right underneath a platform. It leads to a small crate with a Missile Tank.