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Can you hear them? The lingering voices of the dead cry out for vengenace...


Bishop (ビショップ Bishoppu?) is a major antagonist in Metroid EX, serving as Greed's general of knowledge. Calling himself "beguiling", Bishop is a robed figure with bull horns, an eye-like mouth in his forehead (and two eyes without pupils) and shoulderpads. He is summoned by Greed and tasked with going to the graveyard planet to await Samus Aran. Bishop reports the insignificant news of the Deadly Six Stars' complete annihilation, and Samus' recovery of five out of seven Data Capsules containing her stolen abilities.

Samus lands on the graveyard planet and encounters the Stars returned as zombies. Bishop explains that the planet is populated with the spirits of those Samus has defeated, all of whom seek vengeance. The Stars, which combine into one massive zombie, are destroyed by Knight, which reveals that they are actually robotic replicas of the Stars. Bishop plants a bomb on the planet in an attempt to kill Joey and Diesel, while bringing Samus to the galactic ruins so that Greed can use her to access a deadly power.

Bishop later reveals that he desires this power for himself. Before he can claim it he is interrupted by Joey, Diesel and Knight. Knight tries to battle him only for Bishop to prove invulnerable. He reveals that he possesses the Data Capsule containing Samus's Varia Suit, which he secretly recovered after she lost it on the ocean world, as well as her Plasma Beam. This technically makes him the seventh of the Deadly "Seven" Stars. He wounds Knight, but not gravely enough to prevent Knight from slicing him in half. Bishop rises from the ground soon after and reveals that his body is simply a vessel; his real body exists in the eye-like mouth on his head. Bishop is last seen about to attack Joey, who shields Knight using his Field Knuckle. Empowered by advice from Knight, Joey finishes off Bishop using a secret technique of his Field Knuckle: Exodus. Bishop's body releases the Varia Suit and Plasma Beam, which join with Samus and restore her to full power.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The names of Bishop and Knight refer to pieces in a game of chess.

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