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The Black Fog appears and possesses an Alpha Splinter.

The Ing take the form of a gaseous "black fog" (黒霧 kuro kiri?)[1] when they invade Aether. This is the only way for an Ing to survive for a short period of time in the light dimension, and it is used to possess a nearby bioform or mechanoid, turning the victim into a Darkling. Few countermeasures exist for the targeted host to repel the black fog.

Although Samus is unable to cause any damage to Ing that are in this state, if she destroys the intended host before the Ing manages to reach it, the Ing will aimlessly float around in its black fog form for a short while before finally succumbing to Light Aether's atmosphere and exploding. This strategy, however, is limited to only a handful of minor enemies and must be executed very quickly, as the black fog will usually make contact with a host mere seconds after appearing. Once started, a creature's transformation into a Darkling cannot be stopped.

If a potential host finds itself within the Ing's homeworld of Dark Aether, the latter do not transform into the black fog to possess the former but instead merely throw themselves at the host in a semi-solid state. Thanks to the repelling light of the Energy Transfer Module carried by Samus, any Ing that attempts this tactic on her will simply inflict damage for a few seconds before the creature is forced off her body in their black fog form; this is the only instance where their gaseous state can be seen within Dark Aether.

Episode of Aether[]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Episode of Aether

In Episode of Aether, the Federation Marines report that a "black fog" had possessed the Splinters attacking them, rendering the creatures invincible and making it easy for all but four of the Marines to be killed. Samus finds one of these survivors being attacked by the Alpha Splinter and intervenes, managing to kill it. The Marine urges her to finish it off before the fog comes, but she is too late. Initially unable to destroy the resurrected Darkling form, she finishes it off with an Overblast at point blank range.

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  • The sudden appearances of black fogs throughout Aether imply that the Ing are capable of creating portals at will from Dark Aether, but these are seemingly a one-way trip as evidenced by their inability to return home when Samus kills their intended host.
  • Hunter Ing do not turn into the black fog when exiting Samus's body on Dark Aether. They instead become intangible and do so when attempting to possess her as well, causing electrical interference to her visor.

    Dark Samus' similar form

  • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Dark Samus takes on a similar gaseous and impervious form to absorb the corrupted and dying Bounty Hunters. During this state, Dark Samus' visor is depicted as she moves about like a wraith.
  • When the fully-grown Chykka is transforming into its dark variant by drinking Dark Water, the visual effect that envelops its body is identical to a black fog entering a host despite having no Ing involved.
  • In the CW TV series Supernatural, Demons also resemble a cloud of black fog, and possess people in much the same way. There are a lot of other similarities between the Ing and the Demons of Supernatural.