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The Blacklist is a multiplayer feature in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It allows a player who has encountered another, less than desirable player to add them to a blacklist, which bans them from joining any future online Campaign missions or Blast Ball matches hosted by the first player. Registering players on the Blacklist can be done when connected to the internet and playing online by pressing the Team Status Button on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen, and then touching the offending player's icon, selecting Register. Players registered as friends cannot be added to the Blacklist, which also has a limit of 100 people. If the number of players on the Blacklist exceeds 100, the earliest-added players will be removed. The Blacklist can be completely reset on the file-selection screen.

Manual dataEdit

Clearing the Blacklist (Page 8)
"On the file-selection screen, select Reset Blacklist to prepare for a reset of the blacklist (page 9). Without closing the game, connect to the Internet via Campaign or BLAST BALL to clear the blacklist."
About the Blacklist
"A player can be added to the blacklist (pages 10, 15) when playing online. Adding someone to the blacklist will prevent them from joining you in future online missions."
  • Up to 100 people can be added to the blacklist. If more than 100 people are added to the blacklist, the oldest entries will be overwritten.
  • Friends cannot be added to the blacklist.
Team Status Button
"Displays the names of all the players. Also, a player can be added to the blacklist by touching their icon and selecting Register when playing online (page 9)."
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