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The "Block column shaft" is a room in Kraid. It appears, with differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


In both games, this is the rightmost vertical shaft in Kraid's Lair. Samus ascends it by shooting at a long column of Fake Blocks.

In Metroid, this is a very tall shaft constructed from grey and black blocks of rocky materials and brick. It is challenging to ascend, as only a few small midair platforms exist in the shaft and are too far apart for Samus to reach even with the High Jump Boots. To ascend the shaft, she must make use of a large column of Fake Blocks by shooting some out, and jumping repeatedly. She can continue gradually shooting blocks above her, and jumping before those below her regenerate, to climb the shaft. At least four solid platforms are positioned along the column for Samus to jump to if she needs a break, or as insurance in case a block regenerates over her. When this happens, Samus takes damage and is knocked back, potentially sending her flaling to the base of the shaft. Once at the top of the column, Samus can exit into a door near the apex of the shaft, leading back to the elevator.

In Zero Mission, the room is shorter in height, but more or less serves the same purpose. Ascending the shaft is much easier now given the addition of the Wall Jump. Additionally, Fake Blocks no longer damage Samus: when she stands where a block will regenerate, it will repeatedly re-form and then break, and continue doing so until she moves from her position, when it will re-form fully. Assuming Samus collected the Speed Booster, she can also run into this room from the steep slope at the base of the lair, through a barricade near the bottom, and Shinespark up through the block column.

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Page 162
"After defeating the miniboss, you can't jump up while breaking the shaft's blocks. In the middle, break one block at a time."[1]

Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

015 COLUMN CLIMB (pg. 131)
"In the tall shaft on the right side of the hideout, you'll find a column of breakable blocks. After your battle with Kraid, you can climb the shaft with a boost from the blocks. Blast them with your Beam, then jump up and let them re-form under your feet. If you fall, try to land on the solid blocks that float close to the column."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

100 CLIMB AND CONQUER (pg. 49)
"The shaft that runs through the lower-right side is filled with columns made from reformable blocks. Blast holes in the columns to use them as platforms that let you climb to the top of the shaft."