Bloodflowers are poisonous plants native to the Tallon Overworld. They appears as large pods composed of four petals that usually remain closed. At their base appear to be root structures resembling small mouths, which contain their own brain system. Bloodflowers are normally dormant until they sense a threat, in which case they become agitated and will attack.

Bloodflowers launch concentrated clusters of toxic spores at opposing life-forms in order to subdue or kill them. Firing at the spore will cause it to rupture toxic material. If it was near the creature, the Bloodflower will let out a sort of "scream" then burn. In some cases a Bloodflower will be adjacent to a Sap Sac; if one explodes within range of a Bloodflower, it will burst into flames in the same manner as the first method of defeat. They can also be easily dealt with a charged shot from the Plasma Beam or Ice Beam.

Bloodflowers can be seen in Root Tunnel, Root Cave and Great Tree Hall.

Logbook entryEdit

Bloodflower globule scan


Metroid Prime

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Morphology: Bloodflower
Able to eject toxic spores. Toxins are poisonous even to the Bloodflower itself.

Logbook entry

Three mouth-nodules protrude from the stalk beneath the flower, each with a rudimentary brain cluster and the ability to spew toxic fumes at anything within a five-meter radius. The spores ejected from the stigma at the center of the flower are sufficient to kill this creature if they explode in its vicinity.


  • Strangely, in the Root Tunnel, if Samus is standing in front of one of the doors and manages to dodge the Bloodflower's projectile, the spore will ricochet off the door and Samus will get a message saying the "door cannot be opened with this weapon" despite her not being the who fired the incompatible object. [1]
  • Flaahgra may have been a Bloodflower before its corruption by Phazon.
  • The name of the Bloodflower may indicate that the spores it fires are actually its own blood, or it may refer to the blood that is produced when one dies.