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The Blue Sidehopper[1] is a stronger subspecies of Sidehopper, encountered in the barren organic sector of Tourian in Super Metroid. This variant of Sidehopper is not encountered anywhere else on Zebes. The Blue Sidehoppers can only be killed with five Super Missiles. However, this is unsafe and it is better for Samus Aran to just avoid them using the Screw Attack. One Blue Sidehopper is killed by the baby in its Giant Metroid form, which drains all of its energy and reduces it to a dried husk. Only three live Blue Sidehoppers are found in Super Metroid.

The fact that Blue Sidehoppers are only found on Tourian suggests that they are artificially produced and cannot be found in the wild. Space Pirates may have created them or simply enhanced several normal Sidehoppers. Given that the only other lifeforms in this area of Tourian have fallen prey to Metroids, it is possible that the Blue Sidehoppers and the deceased creatures that Samus encounters were left there by the Space Pirates as Metroid rations.


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