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The Blue Suit glitch being performed on an emulator.

The Blue Suit is a glitch in Super Metroid. It can only be performed while fighting Draygon. To perform the glitch, Samus must be caught by some of Draygon's mucus, and then start to dash. She must crouch, and then Shinespark through Draygon's belly. He will instantly die, and Samus' suit will turn blue, hence the name, and "after-images" of her will follow her every move. This move is actually Samus's Speed Boost being stored, it can be held for a very long time, but goes away when the player crouches, as this will cause a Shinespark to be charged, allowing a Shinespark in nearly any room in the game. This Trick is used in Speedrunning to Perform a Reverse Halfy and shinespark all the way across one of the rooms later encountered, negating the need for the use of the Space Jump to traverse it on the way back.

Interestingly, during development of Metroid Prime, the Fusion Suit was referred to as the Blue Suit.