Samus climbing a wall on a blue magnetic strip in the Artaria E.M.M.I. Zone.

A blue magnetic strip or blue magnetic surface wall/ceiling is a technology and obstacle seen in Metroid Dread. They are shimmering blue panels on walls and ceilings, which are magnetized. When Samus Aran acquires the Spider Magnet, she is able to use them to climb up walls, either straight or angled, and along ceilings. Samus can use her Grapple Beam to pull herself up to a higher magnetic strip if necessary.

Some sliding platforms are lined with magnetic strips, and will raise Samus to a higher level when she grabs onto one. While hanging off of a wall magnetic strip, Samus can use Free Aim and the Melee Counter, and fire at enemies. Blue magnetic strips are used when battling Corpius to avoid its ground-based attacks, and strip-lined sliding platforms are used in the fights with Kraid and Drogyga. Locations of strips are marked on the map in blue.

Samus can also press her body onto magnetic strips lined along the ceiling, which when coupled with the Phantom Cloak is useful for avoiding E.M.M.I capture. With her Grapple Beam, she can swing along a ceiling strip, or pull herself up or down wall strips, each of which have unique animations.[1] If Samus moves along a ceiling strip with the Phantom Cloak active, she will slightly raise her legs as she does so.[2]

They play a similar role to ladders in Metroid Fusion, and Spider Ball Tracks in the Metroid Prime series and Metroid: Samus Returns. The key difference with Spider Ball Tracks is that the Morph Ball is not required to use the magnetic strips.

Hanubia and Itorash are the only two areas on ZDR with no blue magnetic strips. Only one is located in Elun.



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