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The Body Snatcher (乗っ取りの スナッチ Nottori no sunatchi?) is an individual featured in chapter 17, volume 3 of Samus and Joey. His species is unknown, but he wears a cat-like body suit and has double-jointed arms. The structure of the Snatcher's pelvis and legs resembles that of the Power Suit. The Body Snatcher is a member of the Dominion. He is capable of "snatching" a person's mind through unknown means, which he demonstrated on Joey Apronika. Using Joey to lure Samus Aran to the Marine Park, he traps Samus in an Ability Disassembly and Conversion Device and states his intention to convert her power-ups into extractable data for use in terrorism. The Snatcher uses Joey to torture Samus through electrocution and manages to steal a number of her upgrades. However, when he attempts to command Joey to kill Samus, he refuses, having shaken off the snatching. Joey jumps in front of the electricity, severely injuring himself. This destroys the machine and frees Samus, who attempts to reach Joey, but the Snatcher kicks him aside. He repeatedly stabs Samus in the shoulder and taunts her for having no more firepower. She agrees, but says that Joey's "death" has empowered her to the point where she is able to kill the Snatcher in a single Power Beam shot, blowing a hole straight through his abdomen.

Design notesEdit

Body Snatcher concept

"Because he has the special skill of possessing his opponents, I drew long, double-jointed arms. I am pleased with how eerie he is."

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