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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Bomad (ボーマッド Bōmaddo?) is a character that has only appeared in Samus and Joey. Little is known about him, but he has a large armored suit that does not cover his mouth and chin. It has a large single eye that may or may not be his own.

Bomad is not seen until chapter 5 of volume 1, where he is summoned to fight Samus when she enters Diesel's shop. He personally requests that she refrain from using her firearms, and mocks her counterattacks. Bomad sealed his own fate when he shot Samus with a gravity bomb, that failed to kill her, Joey or Diesel. Samus launches Bomad into the sky.

He unexpectedly returns in chapter ten of Metroid EX, having been employed by the Galactic Federation along with Zegan Doh to fight the Greed Corps. He mocks Zegan for his failure to defeat Samus despite failing to do the same himself, but they work together to battle an army of Integras, hoping it will make them look cool.


"Jealousy's bodyguard."

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