Samus uses a Bomb Jump in the Ruined Gallery.

The Bomb Jump (known as Bomb Up in early Nintendo Power magazines) is a technique that can be used in Samus Aran's Morph Ball form to reach higher areas. To complete this task, Samus must lay a Bomb, staying on top of it while still in Morph Ball form, and when it explodes Samus will be lifted in the air for a brief moment. Samus can do consecutive Bomb Jumps by placing Bombs at certain times for Sequence Breaking, though this can be difficult to do depending on the game.

The method of doing this maneuver correctly is to place a bomb on the ground, then the moment it detonates, place another, and continue doing this until Samus reaches the place she is trying to get to. There are other variants of this technique, such as diagonal and horizontal bomb jumping, the former being possible in the 2-D games.

Repeated Bomb Jumping is impossible in Metroid Fusion, as the bombs don't detonate quickly enough and provide no mid-air momentum, which prevents Sequence Breaking. Also, in all Prime games, only three bombs can be dropped before having to wait for the ammunition to recharge; despite this, the Bomb-Trick is still possible.

In Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, and Super Metroid, one laid Bomb will propel Samus upward even if she is not in Morph Ball form. This feature is not present in any of the later games.

Kanden's Larva Bombs can also propel him in Stinglarva form, although it causes him to jump higher than Samus's Bombs.

Official data[edit | edit source]

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Metroid Prime flash Tip/Trick[edit | edit source]

T4 (Bomb Jumping)
"It's one of the oldest tricks in Samus's skill book but it still works a treat in Metroid Prime. In Morph Ball mode, drop a Bomb and position Samus directly over it, to be blasted into the air. If you then drop Bombs at different points in the air, you can use the explosions to propel yourself even higher. (You can only drop three Bombs at a time.) It takes practice but it's often the only way to reach hidden items."

Metroid Prime instruction manual[edit | edit source]

"By positioning the Morph Ball directly over a Bomb, you can propel the Morph Ball up into the air, effectively jumping short distances. Try varying the timing as you drop Bombs to reach even greater heights."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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