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The "Bomb access corridor" is a room in Brinstar. It appears, with differences, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. It is no longer accessible in Super Metroid.


This room is a long, straight corridor accessed from the rightmost shaft of Brinstar. In Metroid, it is comprised of blue pipe-like material, with several green bushes lining the ground. Both doors are found on raised metal platforms, held up by a single pedestal. Aside from a few enemies, there is little to do here besides enter the room with the Bomb upgrade.

In Zero Mission, the room's appearance and role has been altered significantly. It is now a mostly artificial corridor with caves and boulders visible in the background, and two rock-covered pillars in the center foreground. In front of the entrance is a ledge with a pillar of Bomb Blocks underneath it. The ledge leads into a Morph Ball tunnel that goes to the other side of the corridor, which contains two steps and the door to the Bomb room.

Samus destroying the Parasites.

Upon returning to this room, the doors lock. Samus must roll to the entrance and use her Bombs on the blocks underneath the ledge. This releases a swarm of Parasites, the insects that Samus encounters in earlier rooms of Brinstar. She must use her Bombs to eliminate the simple creatures, and upon doing so, the doors unlock and allow her to leave.

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Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

025 normal bomb (page 33)
"From the map room, climb up the vertical passage as high as you can, then open a hatch and run through it to a short vertical passage that holds two more hatches. Jump up to the upper hatch, run left, then jump again and roll into a narrow tunnel."
027 POP THE PARASITES (page 34)
"On your way out of the area where you collected the Normal Bomb upgrade, you'll discover that the exit hatch is locked. Use bombs to blast the block column on the ground. The explosion will release a gaggle of small parasites. Roll on the ground to gather up the bugs, then vaporize them with a bomb blast. Once all of the parasites are gone, the exit hatch will flash, indicating that you are free to go."