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A Bombing Run is a Special Action that can be performed by Samus Aran's Gunship in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. After Samus upgrades her ship to the capability of firing Missiles, she can use them to her advantage during ground battles. In many rooms with open spaces, such as the Temple of Bryyo, Cargo Dock B and the Ancient Courtyard, Samus can command her Gunship to carpet bomb the area and destroy most enemies. This is an effective technique to quickly dispatch stronger enemies, such as Berserker Knights, or swarms of smaller ones, such as Hopping Metroids. Surprisingly, Samus cannot be harmed by her own Ship Missiles even if she is directly in their line of fire.

Bombing Run Command Visor.png

Bombing Runs cannot be performed if there are no enemies to target. Additionally, it cannot kill enemies that are in Hypermode or shielded Space Pirates. It also cannot have an effect on enemies that take cover under buildings in the area, most notably Hopping Metroids in Cargo Dock B.

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