Bombu is an odd species of creature that appears in Metroid Prime. They resemble balls of electric energy that have four more balls connected. They are used as bioweapons by the Space Pirates due to the electricity they create. Bombu are commonly seen patrolling small corridors. They can only be destroyed by the Wave Beam, and charging any Beam weapon will drive them erratic.

There are three variations. Pulse Bombu are blue and yellow in color and float in the air dropping energy bombs. They mostly appear in open areas. Charging a Beam will cause them to approach Samus. Scatter Bombu are pink and purple and spin constantly through corridors. The three corners it has continuously fire electric currents. Charging drives it erratic and makes it spin at rapid speed. Invisible Pulse Bombu also existed in the Phazon Mines, and were invisible to all but the X-Ray Visor.

The Atomic species of Zebes, Bryyo and the G.F.S. Valhalla and the Harmony Class Drones and Diligence Class Drones all resemble the Bombu.


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