Boost Jump

The Boost Jump is a technique that can be performed with the Boost Ball in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but not the original Metroid Prime. In the environment, certain Spider Ball Tracks are spaced far apart, often over long chasms. Samus must traverse the Track to its end, charge the Boost Ball and then she will launch forward at the adjacent Track. This ability, of course, does not come into use until Samus acquires the Spider Ball.

Its first required use is in the Sanctuary Entrance after Dark Samus destroys the bridge. However, Samus can Boost Jump in the Reactor Core before encountering her doppelgänger at the bridge, to acquire a Missile Expansion.

Aside from navigation, Boost Jumping technique is used in combat and item collection. It is used in the Caretaker Class Drone fight to destroy each of its power cores, and against Quadraxis to launch onto its exposed Head Module and lay Bombs. In Echoes, the Boost Jump is needed to collect the second Ing Hive Temple Key and in Corruption, a Missile Expansion in Powerworks.

Onscreen tutorialsEdit

"The Boost ability can propel the Spider Ball away from the magnetic rails."
"Use the Boost ability to rapidly propel the Spider Ball away from magnetic rails."
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