Throughout the course of each game, Samus Aran acquires or starts with one or more upgrades to her boots. Each upgrade assists in her running or jumping.

The High Jump Boots let Samus jump much higher than she normally could, and are only found in 2-D Metroid games. In some games, the Spring Ball is collected with the High Jump. It is often possible to Sequence Break and completely skip them.

The Space Jump is an advanced movement system created by the Chozo that allows Samus to continuously Spin Jump in the air, and combined with the Screw Attack, Samus can repeatedly jump in the air and shred through her enemies for a deadly weapon. Except for Metroid: Other M, the Space Jump has never made an official 3-D appearance.

The Speed Booster allows Samus to run at super-high speeds and Shinespark across long distances or reach higher places. In the 2-D games, she will flash while running and while a Shinespark is being charged, but in Other M, a large gust of wind can be seen forming in front of her, and during a Shinespark, she crouches before her boosters thrust her forward or upward.

The Jump Boots appear in Metroid Prime Hunters only. When Samus is about to fall off a ledge high above ground, she is able to jump once in midair. This is especially useful since damage from falling is present in the game. Though a Hunters-exclusive upgrade, Samus possesses similar abilities in Metroid and Metroid II: Return of Samus; in the former game, she is able to jump if she rolls off a ledge in Morph Ball and then unmorphs, and in the latter game, if she is hit by an enemy while falling, she is able to jump once.

The Space Jump Boots are the replacement of the Space Jump in the 3-D games and give Samus the ability to jump a second time after jumping once. In cutscenes and the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer, it can be seen that the second jump is a Spin Jump.

The Jet Boots are a feature exclusive to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. These are attached to the Zero Suit and augment Zero Suit Samus' physical attacks. She is capable of doing a boost as her recovery move.

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