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This article is about the character from Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether. For other uses, see Boss (Disambiguation).

Remember real good, you damn brat. Reality is no fairy tale. Is this some hero conveniently coming to the rescue? No! It's death!


"Boss" (ボス?)[1], as referred to by one of his subordinates, is a Space Pirate leader who appears in Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether.


The boss led a band of a hundred Space Pirates as they attempted to take the Crest. After killing the guards, he determined that only the ship's cargo was worth anything and doubted that the passengers would be worth any ransom. Overhearing a boy comforting his younger sister by saying that someone would respond to their S.O.S., he taunted the children and attacked them.

Immediately afterward, the boss's mothership was destroyed by Samus Aran's Gunship. A frightened Pirate Commando recognized Samus as the person who destroyed Tourian on Zebes. Furious over the destruction of his ship, the boss ordered the Commando and the other Space Pirates to kill Samus.

The boss was shocked to discover that Samus killed all pirates with both her Arm Cannon and a fallen gatling gun. Before she arrived, the boss took two hostages and threatened them if Samus did not stand down. When Samus refused and started to charge her beam, the boss threw the hostages into her path of fire, planning on slicing them while she was distracted. However, Samus successfully pushed them out of the way in time for her to do a flip in the air and shoot him in the torso. The Space Pirate boss fell to the ground dead, and Samus declared the area secure before leaving to go on her next mission.

Personality and portrayal[]

The boss is smug and confident, undeterred by Crest guards or any lone Bounty Hunter. He believes that heroic rescues only exist in fairy tales, and reality will bring only death. He has no qualms about killing children for pleasure or taking hostages to protect himself. Samus claimed that, even if she stood down, the boss would kill his hostages anyway when given the opportunity.

Physical appearance[]

The boss resembles a larger, tougher variant of Pirate Commando, with similar anatomy and armor. The boss is taller than most Space Pirates, standing at least twice as tall as a human. He is armed with a scythe attached to his left arm.


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