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This article is about the theme from Samus Returns. For other uses, see Vs. Arachnus (Disambiguation).
Metroid Samus Returns Boxart

Boss Arachnus, also known as Boss Battle 3[1], is a battle theme from Metroid: Samus Returns. It was composed by Daisuke Matsuoka.


Boss Arachnus plays during the boss fight against Arachnus in its room in Area 2. It opens with a stinger, accenting the surprise of Arachnus revealing itself from pretending to be an Item Sphere. In contrast with most boss themes in Samus Returns, this theme is more playful than threatening, although it still creates considerable tension with its dissonant electronic instruments. It can be heard here: [1]

Boss Arachnus may be based upon the original Metroid battle theme from Metroid II: Return of Samus, composed by Ryoji Yoshitomi. Most notably, the stinger at the start of the battle is nearly identical in both songs. The harmonic patterns in Boss Arachnus are also reminiscent of the melody of the Metroid battle theme. This may have been a deliberate reference by Daisuke Matsuoka, although this is not confirmed.



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