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"Botwoon's chamber" is a room in Maridia. It appears in Super Metroid.


This room initially appears square in shape, comprised of tangled light purple pipes on the ceiling and walls, with two on the left wall wrapping around stonework. A pipe on the far right wall has a crack near its center. In the background is a dark green, porous wall with four holes forming a loose parallelogram shape.

Samus enters this room during her exploration of Maridia. Almost immediately, Botwoon, a snake-like creature, emerges in the room and a miniboss fight begins. Botwoon swims in and out of the holes throughout the battle, occasionally peeking its head out to fire spores at Samus. This offers her a chance to attack its weak spot, its head, more easily.

Once Botwoon is defeated, Samus can approach the pipe on the right wall, causing it to crumble downward and revealing a longer room. This part of the room almost narrows and features more of the purple stonework that makes up much of eastern Maridia, with two large steps leading to the exit door. The Silence theme plays in this room following the battle, as it does in other boss rooms.

Connecting rooms[]

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Official data[]

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

BOTWOON (pg. 67)
"This is the home of Botwoon, a kind of secondary guardian for Maridia. It emerges from the left side of the screen - when it does pump missiles at the head. The rest of its body is resistant to your attacks."