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For the multiplayer game mode in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, see Bounty Mode.
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Bounty is a game mode in Metroid Prime Hunters. In this mode, all hunters are fighting over an Octolith that they must collect and successfully carry to a certain location. The first player to deliver a set amount of Octoliths to the goal will win. If the Hunter is defeated, the Octolith is automatically returned to its base if Auto Reset is enabled.

Official dataEdit


Pick up the Octolith and take it to a specified location to earn points. The first player to deliver the specified amount of Octoliths to the goal wins. You can set the number of Octoliths required to win, the Time Limit, Team Play, and Auto Reset, which returns the Octolith to base when the carrying Hunter is defeated."

Nintendo Power March 2006Edit

"All the bounty hunters vie for the same prize - a precious object called an Octolith. Be the one to find it and return it to home base to earn a point. Collect as many as possible within the time limit." [1]

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