Bounty Coins

All 5 types of Bounty Coin, in ascending order of value.

Bounty Coins appear in the Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Multiplayer mode. The objective of Bounty Mode is to fire at opponents to force them to drop their coins. The player with the most coins wins. The coins resemble Screw Attack icons. Sometimes a coin chest will appear throughout the level that yields more coins than normal.

It is possible that these refer to whatever bounty Samus receives for her missions, but this is unknown.

  • White Coin - 1 Bounty point.
  • Aqua Coin - 5 Bounty points.
  • Red Coin - 10 Bounty points.
  • Emerald Coin - 50 Bounty points.
  • Gold Coin - 100 Bounty points.
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