For the game mode in Metroid Prime Hunters, see Bounty.
Bounty Coin

A Bounty Mode match.

Bounty Mode is a feature in the multiplayer mode of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. In this mode, Samus Aran and her opponents are given a set number of Bounty Coins. The object of the game is to attack or even kill opponents and force them to drop coins. The fighter with the most coins at the end of the game wins.

The value of each coin is:

  • White Coin - 1 Bounty point.
  • Aqua Coin - 5 Bounty points.
  • Red Coin - 10 Bounty points.
  • Emerald Coin - 50 Bounty points.
  • Gold Coin - 100 Bounty points.

There are also coin chests that appear in the level somewhere and yield many coins when destroyed.


"In Bounty Mode, you must first set the time or coin limit and music, then pick your arena and begin. The object of this mode is not merely to eliminate the other players. Instead, each player starts with a set amount of Bounty Coins, which will drop when that player is hit with powerful attacks. The coins are colour-coded, white coins are worth 1, aqua coins are worth 5, red coins are worth 10, emerald coins are worth 50 and gold coins are worth 100. The goal is to collect as many as possible in the set time limit or hit the set coin total first. Sometimes coin chests will appear somewhere in the level, so be sure to find them quickly!"